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 reality ar – augmented reality
Reality AR è un’applicazione di Realtà Aumentata (dall’inglese Augmented Reality – AR) che consente di visualizzare, con un elemento reale (definito Marker ...

 realtà aumentata - wikipedia
Un telefono T-Mobile G1 con sistema operativo Android, con un'applicazione Augmented-Reality chiamata Wikitude. ... Anche in questo caso si parla di AR.

 augmented reality - wikipedia
Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real-world are enhanced by computer ...

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 what is augmented reality (ar)? ultimate guide to ...
We cover everything you need to know about augmented reality (AR) technology. Official definition with explanations, how AR works, AR categories, and more. Reality ...

 what is augmented reality (ar)? - definition from whatis.com
What is augmented reality (AR). This definition explains the integration of digital information with live video or the user's environment in real time.

 what is augmented reality (ar) and how does it work ...
A quick AR guide: terms, principles, basics, history & examples. How does AR work and what is augmented reality actually - the concept, system requirements explained.

 the state of augmented reality (ar) | ptc
The utilization of augmented reality (AR) within the industrial space is driving a new type of digital transformation. Learn how in PTC's interactive AR data site.

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